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The Canadian Subsidy Directory promises to be “the most complete and up-to-date publication available for anyone searching for Canadian grants, loans and government programs” and it certainly delivers the goods -3208 times, in fact! Indeed, the possible sources of dollars described here from just the Canada Council for the Arts alone number over 150. The directory is available in print version for $149.95 or, as either a CD or pdf file, for $69.95. Everyone in the country from the Armenian National Committee of Canada to the Hamilton Police Pipe Band to York University to the town of Tillsonburg seems to have a copy because, as one can see, this outstanding resource is both comprehensive and easy to use and it suggests new possibilities with every scan of its contents. Businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals can find, inside, detailed contact information for each funding body along with a description of each grant, loan or program available. Order toll free by calling 1-866-322-3376 and for clarification of grants, scholarships, loans, mortgages, and venture capital, check out the website at http://www.canadianpublications.net/. Do so and you’ll save yourself hours of research and frustration.







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"Subsidy guide becomes publishing success story"

National Post Friday,
August 08, 2003

"From insuring honey farmers to funding research on the medical use of marijuana, Canadians love their subsidies, judging from the latest edition of a book on Canada grants, loans and subsidies available from governments, banks and charities. The Canadian Subsidies Directory, which lists 2,000 subsidies available from all provinces and territories (except Quebec, which rates a separate book) is flying off the shelves..."


Thanks to your new pdf version, I can now search your directory using specific keywords and find the exact program that I'm looking for in minutes!

Margaret Wellwood
Mississauga, ON


Unbelievable, there is so many programs, find a grant, click on the link, thats it, i'm saving hours, even weeks of searching.

Marc Lemieux
Vancouver, BC



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